Why LED Name Badges?

Led name badges

For a business to continually grow, it generally pays off to keep up with recent trends in technology. You have to be innovative and daring. Sure, there is always a risk of failing but such is intrinsically part of any business. Being bold has both its risks and rewards. Purchasing LED name badges for your company may be considered as such risk that may or may not reward your business.

LED name badges are more expensive than traditional name badges where the cheapest piece will normally start at £12 upwards. Compare this to traditional name badges where for such a price, you can already buy half a dozen pieces or so. You also have to make sure that the battery is working otherwise the messages will not be displayed.

Before comparing LED name badges with traditional name badges, let us define first what is LED? LED means light emitting diode and is a semiconductor light source. What is then a LED name badge? A LED name badge is a programmable name badge that displays your message of choice. The name badge will commonly come with software that lets you customise and transfer the messages from your computer to the unit through a USB cable. LED name badges are mostly rechargeable and will work throughout the day depending on their usage. The most popular LED colours are red and blue.

Why LED name badges? A LED name badge can be used as a good networking and advertising tool. When attending exhibitions, conferences, seminars, trade shows, because a LED name badge is not commonly seen, it usually attracts other people’s attention. It serves as a good ice breaker because people are naturally curious and will normally come to you instead of the other way around. You have something to talk to them about before continuing with your business proposal. Also, because it is programmable, you may include sales pitch and any other marketing information aside from your company and employee names that would not normally fit on any other regular name badge.

A LED name badge is comprehensive and is highly adaptable to any event because not only can you change its message, you can also change its display settings. If you want to make it blink, slide slowly or faster, make it brighter or dimmer depending on the message you want to convey, the unit is adjustable.

Most LED name badges can also store several messages. You can literally participate from one event to another without having to change your name badge. The only thing you need to do is to replace the message with another one.

As you can see, buying LED name badges has its pros and cons. It is up to you to utilise and maximise most of its features to benefit your business.