Window Name Badges

There are so many factors that you would have to look into when deciding on the type of name badge that will form part of your employee’s uniform. In this article, you will learn about window name badges and why it can be the best choice of name badge for your company.

What is a window name badge?
A window name badge is basically a name card holder that has a transparent window to accommodate name inserts. It is a typical example of a reusable name badge as a window name badge can be reused many times over. To reuse a window name badge, the insert simply needs to be replaced. Below are common establishments/events where window name badges are often found in use.

 Fast food/Restaurant chains
 Retail shops
 Transport
 Beauty Salons
 Hotels
 Care Homes
 Conferences/Trade shows
 Batch/Class Reunions

Reusable name badges are the best solution when a company is challenged with high employee turn-over. If employees often leave the company, others would have to be hired in their place. This would equate to new sets of uniforms, and new name badges. Using window name badges in this case would help the company save money in the long run as they would no longer have to order custom name badges over and over.

Window name badges are readily available. One only needs to have the new employees’ names printed on a template using an inkjet printer, cut, and then insert them inside the window name badges, and immediately, the new employees will already have their own personalized name badges. Using window name badges are economical and cost-effective as companies will have more funds to invest in other relevant projects.

Companies are aware that a name badge serves more than just identifying an employee. By tapping their R&D, many companies were able to incorporate advertising in the design of their window name badges. In establishments where constant interaction takes place between employees and clients, the name badge design and presentation provides an insight to the clients on what the company perceives as quality.

Molded Plastic Vs Laminated Vinyl Window
Name Badges Durability is an essential quality of a window name badge. Both molded plastic and laminated vinyl window name badges possess this quality as both types have clear lens window to protect its insert. The difference between these two window name badges can be seen on the imprint. Molded Plastic Window Name Badges use hot-stamping while the Laminated Vinyl Window Name Badges, as it name implies, use over-laminating.