Charity Name Badges

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Charity does begin at home. The Name Badge Company began in UK and have continued to thrive by working with global giants as well as reputed charity organisations. Regardless of the cause of the Charity organisation, our charity name badges speak for themselves. In effect, they extol the virtues of the charity by placing firmly and boldly the name of the charity and what it stands for. The design element may call for just the logo of the charity or it may call for something more. Whatever be the demand, The Name Badge Company delivers on the promise. Our promise is to make sure that staff members get the attention they deserve. Staff members or volunteers of the charity stand not only for compassion and service but also for approachability. There is no doubt that The Name Badge Company helps charity organisations achieve this goal with simple charity name badges. Our designs attract the attention of people in need of charity as well as those in the corporate world looking to make charitable donations. After all, building a charity is no easy task and is most often dependent on funding received from philanthropists from any part of the world. When we set the task of designing charity name badges, our team at The Name Badge Company gained a huge understanding of the particular charity and went to work on creating name badges that were simply an extension of the charity’s purpose.