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WHAT IS THE #hellomynameis…CAMPAIGN?

#hello my name is… is a campaign that was started by Kate Granger with the sole aim to help improve a patient experience not only in the United Kingdom but all over the world.

Kate Granger was a Doctor and a terminally ill cancer patient who noticed that while she received care in 2014, a large number of staff who looked after her failed to introduce themselves beforehand. Dr Kate watched the campaign go from strength to strength via social media before it was covered widely by the national press. The campaign is so successful that it’s backed by some leading names all over the UK.

The #hellomynameis… campaign is such a simple idea but so very effective, simply asking that all NHS staff no matter what rank or position will pledge to introduce themselves in a friendly and professional manner to all their patients and visitors. A simple smile and friendly introduction is the first step with any greeting, and goes a long way to help a nervous patient become relaxed and feel at ease.

Over 500,000 healthcare professionals have pledged support across 90 different organisations including NHS Trusts in England, NHS Wales and NHS Scotland.

hellomynameisThe Name Badge Company offers a free design service and no set charges on all #hellomynameis… name badges, as you can see from our designs we have the ability to add a funny or personal image to all our designs. Have you walked into local Tesco store lately? And wondered why the staff team have different pictures on their name badges? Well the answer is that the name badges have been personalised for the wearer it’s a conversation starter, if you have an idea in mind, please give us a call or send us a mail.

Please be aware we cannot offer these badges on our sale stock.

You can read and watch video’s all about Kate and her amazing story at hellomynameis.org.uk

For every name badge sold we will be making a donating of £1 per badge

in support of St Gemma’s Hospice Leeds.